Road to Mainnet: September 2023

Welcome to September's edition of the Avail team's monthly series providing updates on all things Avail. Read on to find technical highlights, the events we attended, blog posts written, and Tweets from the team.

Road to Mainnet: September 2023


Our “Chain of Events” is looking a little different this month; we’ll still keep you connected with all the happenings at Avail, but as we gear up to Mainnet, we’ll be focusing on the progress and projects along the way. September has been a busy month for the team launching the final update of the Kate Testnet in prep for our next big step, so let’s dive in!


Technical Update

As Avail moves towards Mainnet, our engineering team has been wrapping up the Kate Testnet and gearing up for our next significant milestone: Incentivized Testnet. The Kate Testnet has run for 3 months uninterrupted and we onboarded 100 validators, with many more running full nodes. We are on track to close out the successful Kate Testnet in October.

  • We are in the process of launching a final update to the Kate Testnet with the latest version of Substrate and many stability and performance improvements.
  • Our team continues to make a lot of performance improvements:
  • The Kate commitment generation time has been reduced to ~30% of the time it took previously. Many other optimizations are in the pipeline as we get Mainnet ready.
  • The last changes to important constructs are happening, like making the block header simpler to process by ZK provers.
  • We are setting the dates for final, pre-mainnet audits for our components, which will start pretty soon!
  • Coming soon: We’re incorporating our learning from Kate and making the crucial improvements for the upcoming Incentivized Testnet, which is largely in the final code shape for our components. We can’t wait to share more.

Network Update

  • Dymension’s devnet has been running successfully. They have operated hundreds of rollapps on the devnet. A devnet is prepared for Dymension’s users with enhanced experience for users and rollapps.
  • We have continued rigorous testing on the Kate Testnet with validators and addressed a few medium and high priority bugs whilst testing.
  • New release with major fixes and enhancements will be available soon, including Identity Pallet. The Identity Pallet provides a naming system that allows participants to add personal information to their on-chain account and subsequently ask for verification of this information by registrars.
  • More details on findings of Kate Testnet and Incentivized Testnet will be released soon.
  • We have been working closely with various teams on building Dashboards for Staking and Network monitoring.

Blog Posts and Twitter Spaces

Blog Posts

Whiteboard Series

Twitter Spaces


Our team was out in full force at Token 2049 in Singapore this past month! Co-founder Anurag Arjun was a panelist during Token 2049’s main programming on Layers on Layers: L2/L3 Narrative and Value Capture as well as Long Hash VC and Safe’s Web3 Transitions Summit on the Data Availability panel. Co-founder Prabal Banerjee introduced exciting developments in the blockchain industry at SevenX Ventures New Trends Summit.

Anurag Arjun on Token 2049’s Layers on Layers: L2/L3 Narrative and Value Capture panel.
Anurag Arjun on the data availability panel at Long Hash VC and Safe’s Web3 Transitions Summit.
Prabal Banerjee presenting at SevenX Ventures’ New Trends Summit.

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Next Month

You’ll start to hear more about our Incentivized Testnet. In the next few weeks, we aim to provide more granularity regarding incentivization models, tokenomics, and other key details. Avail’s Incentivized Testnet will be permissionless but limited to 300 validators, with our current validators getting priority spots. Submit your interest in being an Avail validator here.

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