AVAIL: The Token Powering Blockchain Unification

Avail’s unification layer is powered by AVAIL, the native asset of the Avail network.

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AVAIL: The Token Powering Blockchain Unification

Avail is a unification layer solving blockchain fragmentation at scale. It’s a fundamental layer of modular blockchain infrastructure connecting blockchains and enabling users to execute bridgeless transactions. 

AVAIL plays a foundational role in paying for network services, contributing to security via staking and participating in Avail network governance. 

AVAIL Powering the Unification Layer

The Avail Unification Layer consists of Avail DA, Nexus and Fusion which together form a unification layer for web3 that addresses blockchain scalability, interoperability and security. AVAIL is a key part of the Avail Unification Layer used in Avail DA, Nexus and Fusion.

Avail DA

Avail DA provides a foundation for Avail’s unification layer addressing rollup and blockchain scalability. Rollups and blockchains cannot scale without access to abundant data availability blobspace. It’s one of the fundamental blockchain scaling bottlenecks and addressing this resolves many long standing blockchain scalability constraints.

L2s looking to implement the same advanced technology in their own blockchains that is planned for Ethereum’s danksharding roadmap, like validity proofs and data availability sampling can use Avail DA. 

Integrating with Avail DA is done with a few lines of code. Developers can then leverage Avail DA’s core features immediately and stream their modular blockchain’s transaction data to it, giving them a hyper-scalable blockchain foundation.

Avail DA is compatible with any execution environment including all the major rollup stacks like those from Arbitrum, Optimism, StarkNet, zkSync and Polygon. As a general purpose DA layer it also integrates with non-EVM execution environments.

Avail Nexus

Avail Nexus is the key to unification providing interoperability between multiple blockchains. Built on top of Avail DA, it processes cross-chain transactions, enabling users to access multiple blockchains on demand without manual bridging. End-users do not even need to know their transactions are going through Avail Nexus to use it, as it gets implemented into user apps directly. 

AVAIL Staking 

Anyone can stake AVAIL to secure the Avail Unification Layer and receive staking rewards.

Avail DA Staking

Avail DA is designed to support entire networks of L2s and blockchains from different ecosystems. Avail token stakers will secure chains for a variety of use cases including web3 gaming, DeFi, AI, RWAs and more. 

By nominating Avail tokens to validators and/or nomination pools for staking, Avail DA stakers provide blockchains with the crypto-economic security they need to thrive. In return, token stakers receive staking rewards.

Avail Nexus Staking

Developments in shared sequencing, MEV, and proof-aggregation, all contribute towards the performance of Nexus through its open sequencer marketplace. Sequencers looking to submit transaction batches to Nexus will stake AVAIL to increase the chances of their transaction batches being included. The sequencer’s performance is rewarded in the chain token or AVAIL and poor performance penalized.

The sequencer selection process also acts as a quality signal to L2 developers. Those with high AVAIL staked and quality performance metrics on Nexus are more likely to be chosen by L2 developers.

Avail Fusion Staking

Multiple crypto-assets will pass through Avail Nexus, so substantial crypto-economic security is required to protect them. Avail Fusion utilizes multi-asset staking to secure the infrastructure powering Avail’s unification layer.

AVAIL plays a crucial role in securing the Avail network. Additional security is added via native tokens of established crypto assets like BTC, ETH and others. Fusion stakers receive AVAIL as rewards for staking.

Avail Governance

The Avail token will play an important role in Avail’s network governance. Avail will be adopting a phased approach to governance with more details on how the community can get involved soon.

Avail Token Holders

More details surrounding the establishment of the initial Avail token holders will be shared with the Avail community.

AVAIL’s Self-Sustaining Loop

Multiple factors contribute to the overall system design and use of AVAIL in the Avail Network architecture. AVAIL, the native asset of the Avail network, plays a critical role at different levels throughout the network to create a self-sustaining loop. Use cases not described here may also be added over time.

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