Road to Mainnet: June 2024

Welcome to June's edition of the Avail team's monthly series providing updates on all things Avail. Read on to find technical highlights from this past month and upcoming milestones and events.

By Avail Team 2 min read
Road to Mainnet: June 2024


We’re putting the final pieces in place as we gear up for Mainnet. This past month we’ve been getting pumped for EthCC, sharing insights from our friends and partners on Hot Takes: Live! and continuing to expand our ecosystem. Let’s get to it!


Technical Update

  • The team has been mainly focused on finishing the testing and any necessary last updates for the final versions of the Avail DA network components. 
  • We have released multiple new versions of the light client, with more coming as we are concluding tests for new functionalities and changes to the state persistence of light clients.
  • We have released a new version of the avail node, with fixes and usability improvements for validators.
  • Validators can now use this script to automate, collect rewards payout for all eras on Avail DA Network.




Our Global Business Lead Kyle Rojas was part of the Enterprise Chain Summit by Gelato and Google Cloud  on the Infra panel to discuss modular blockchains’ key role in mass adoption and the AI panel to explore how web3 tech can help us build AI more fairly and transparently. 

Prabal was across GM Vietnam earlier in June, check out our recaps of our time there: 

Hot Tweets

Next Month

We’re kicking off (pun intended) EthCC with our Unification Cup on July 7th, bringing you the latest edition of HOT TAKE Series: Unification Day on July 8th, and will be across the city all week!

Come cheer on your friends, watch the matches from our air conditioned viewing box, and hang out with the Avail team at the Unification Cup. RSVP here

We’re back with another HOT TAKE: Series, bringing you spicy (and thoughtful) takes on what it means to unify Web3, from PoS staking, to L3s, modular gaming, slashing, verifiable computation, and modular infra. We’ve got a great space for the day, with room to work, meet up, and a stellar rooftop view of the Brussels skyline. RSVP here.

Beyond that, you can catch us at AggDay, L2Con, Modular Summit, Movement Lab’s Integration Day, and many more. See here for our full list of side events. 

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