Learnings From the Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet

After 2 months of running Clash of Nodes, we wanted to share some of the lessons learned. The experience has reinforced the invaluable role our community plays, validated the robustness of the Avail tech stack, and set the stage for a smooth transition to our highly anticipated Mainnet launch.

By Avail Team 4 min read
Learnings From the Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet


  • 2M transactions, 75K accounts, 1GB/day data in the Clash of Nodes Testnet.
  • Key partnerships have launched with Dymension and Starkware.
  • Handled high-stress scenarios with stability, validated Avail’s tecnical readiness, ready for Mainnet pressures.
  • Community participation has been massive through the Clash of Nodes.
  • Mainnet updates coming this quarter.
  • Testnet crucial for Mainnet prep, thanks to community for being part of the journey.

Avail's Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet has been a major chapter in our road to Mainnet. This testnet was more than a technical trial; it has been a community-driven exploration into the future of blockchain scalability, and we’re immensely grateful to our global community for their support and participation.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned running the testnet and tease what’s coming next. From technical breakthroughs to deepening community bonds, Clash of Nodes has us feeling ready for Avail’s Mainnet launch, coming soon.

Let’s dive in!


The Clash of Nodes Testnet set out with ambitious goals, and the results have surpassed our expectations. We hit a number of significant milestones, including 2m transactions, 75k accounts, and 1GB per day of avg daily data uploaded / made available on the network. 

Reaching these numbers was not without its challenges, but we’re quite happy with the progress made. Check out even more of the details below:

Partnerships and Collaborations - Versatility Across Tech Stacks

A key aspect of the testnet was demonstrating Avail’s compatibility across various tech stacks. Each stack brought opportunities for optimization, providing us with deeper insights to ensure Avail is interoperable with as wide an array of chains as possible.

Collaborations have also been a cornerstone of our testnet’s success. Our partnerships with teams like Dymension, Starkware, and Succinct have not only enriched our network but also sent a lot of data to Avail! These collaborations are just the beginning – we have more exciting partnerships in the pipeline, and we’re excited to announce many more in the coming weeks.

Avail’s Battle-Tested Capabilities

Throughout the Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet, Avail has been rigorously tested under high-stress scenarios. In response to these challenges, our team made crucial adaptations and improvements. 

  • Almost 2k nodes have joined the network
  • 278k data submissions
  • Monthly data volume of ~40GB (more than the yearly DA needs of most L2s)
  • We've tested over 1k light clients operating at once with plans to increase by orders of magnitude

What We’ve Learned

The Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet has been our biggest test yet of Mainnet-readiness. Our partners and community have put Avail through some pretty tough scenarios: the Avail network has dealt with millions of transactions at this point. It wasn’t just about seeing how much our system could take; it was about proving to ourselves that we can stay stable and reliable even when the pressure was on.

These tests have shown us what’s unique about running a data availability layer, compared to other types of blockchains. And most importantly, we’ve been able to prove our core technical thesis - that it’s possible to build a highly performant, highly secure data availability layer with validity proofs and many hundreds of validators. 

We saw our team step up, respond swiftly to challenges, and keep things running smoothly. Blockchains may be deterministic machines, but with the amount of people involved in its operation, we’ve learned that fixing coordination inefficiencies is critical, just as its important to fix technical bugs. From handling node downtimes to rolling out updates across node operators, the devil is in the details.

Managing the 'machine' that is Avail will always involve dealing with a variety of scenarios and participants. Conducting drills, especially for critical components like our bridge, has been invaluable. We’ve set up a range of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and runbooks to make sure we’re ready for any scenario that might come our way. This rigorous testing and preparedness have equipped us to face the future with confidence, understanding the intricate dance of running a robust blockchain network. 

Overall, it's given us a clear picture of just how ready Avail is for Mainnet. We've learned that our technology isn’t just a concept – it's solid and dependable, even in the busiest of times and ready for production. As we reflect on these lessons, we're grateful for the insights gained and excited about the future that lies ahead for Avail.

Community Shoutout

To the Avail community, your involvement and feedback have been the driving force behind our journey. It’s been great to watch everyone participate in the Clash of Nodes challenges and move up the leaderboard.

When we made our call for validators, the community responded. We had well over 3k applicants to validate for the Avail network. This sets us up to eventually reach our goal of 1,000 validators operating on Avail.

Your support and participation in the testnet have been invaluable, and we look forward to your continued engagement as we stride into the future. Your insights and contributions are integral to shaping Avail’s path forward.

Transitioning to the Next Phase - When Mainnet?

Clash of Nodes will continue with the next few partner challenges kicking off soon before wrapping up to focus on Mainnet! This is an exciting time as points will be continuing, we’re excited to see who tops the leaderboard when all is said and done. We’re also looking forward to revealing the decisions about potential rewards and celebrating the achievements of our top participants.

If you've made it this far, your top question is probably about the Mainnet launch. Rest assured, our team is hard at work applying the insights from the Clash of Nodes and laying the groundwork for Mainnet. We're gearing up to unveil some exciting news this quarter. Follow us on Twitter and join our mailing list to make sure you hear it first!


In summing up, the Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet has been more than just a technical exercise; its been crucial to get us ready for Mainnet.

As we close this chapter, we look forward to what lies ahead. The learnings from the testnet will guide our steps as we continue to innovate and redefine the possibilities of blockchain technology. Thank you for being part of this journey.