Road to Mainnet: March 2024

Welcome to March's edition of the Avail team's monthly series providing updates on all things Avail. Read on to find technical highlights from this past month and upcoming milestones and events.

Road to Mainnet: March 2024


We’re putting the final pieces in place as we gear up for Mainnet. March saw us heads down in the final testing stages for Avail DA Mainnet, and the team were busy sharing and getting builders working with Avail DA at ETHGlobal London, Sub0 and ETHMumbai. We recently launched Avail’s Light Client Lift-Off challenge, and invite everyone to participate. Let’s get to it!


Technical Update

  • The team is in the final stages of testing for the Avail mainnet. Deploying new networks with final version of components, stress testing and addressing issues as they arise.
  • Final audits for different components are ongoing and findings from finished audits are being addressed. 
  • Some changes have been made to how network infrastructure is deployed, so that different components can scale more easily, parts of the networks can be monitored better and in general support the SRE approaches needed for mainnet. These changes also allow the team to iterate faster and make the development process more efficient.

Blog Posts

Avail’s Roadmap to Mainnet


Avail Hot Takes: The Execution Race at ETH Denver

Podcasts and Twitter Spaces

Modular March EP 3: The Next Modular DA Launch & Avail’s Unification Layer
#PineXTalk panel series on 'Post Dencun Upgrade: Shaping the Future of Web3'  

Light Client Challenge

Avail’s Light Client Lift-Off challenge is officially live! To enter for your chance to win community rewards and the first batch of NFTs on Avail, visit

Everyone that runs a Light Client will be eligible to claim a Blobscription NFT. Completing the challenge gives you the chance to receive exclusive winner NFTs, and much anticipated community rewards. The challenge ends on Apr 9th.


Anurag and Prabal spoke at a variety of events across ETHGlobal London, including the main stage at ETHGlobal London, Pragma London, H.E.R Con, StarkCity London, and Oxford Blockchain Conference. They were also part of the judging panel for the ETHGlobal London hackathon, congratulations to winners PanDA, An abstraction layer for DAs to scale up with peace of mind; and Tensor Royale, an incentivized on-chain AI collaboration platform. 

Anurag speaking at Pragma London.

At Sub0, Ghali El Ouarzazi from Avail’s engineering team spoke on Light Client and Decentralized Scalability on Substrate.

Ghali El Ouarzazi on stage at sub0.

ETHMumbai was the first-ever Ethereum hackathon in Mumbai from March 29-3. Avail's Devrel Robin Roy was there to guide hackers building on top of Avail and teams won some cool bounties! 

Congratulations to the hackathon winners!

FAIRPLAY XI, a privacy focused, sybil resistant, decentralized Fantasy League platform won 1st place in best project deployed on an Avail-powered Rollup. ETH LINK, a decentralized job search platform, won 2nd place. 

stAVL: Avail Liquid Staking Tokens won first place in the best project built with AvailDA. Micro Quark, a fast ZK proof verification & aggregation layer, and P2P Address Book, a light client p2p address book, won second and third place respectively. 

Robin with the Stackr team for the Avail/Stackr Micro-Unification Dinner.

Hot Tweets

Next Month

We’ll be at a variety of events across the globe, including: 

AppchainDay Hong Kong where Anurag will be discussing the rollup centric future of blockchains on April 4, 2024. 

Ethereum with Jakub Cech, Head of Engineering presenting How Web3 Compatibility Be Enhanced Through Seamless Cross-Rollup Communication on April 6, 2024.

Scaling Ethereum with ETHGlobal. One of the best async hackathons by EthGlobal which starts on April 5th and ends on April 26th. There will be bounties of $5,000 by Avail and a total of $125,000+ pool prize. The best thing is that this is online and you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Token 2049 Dubai with the Avail team out in full force! Catch us at the next edition of Hot Takes, hang out with us at Sunset Hangout co-hosted by Avail, Gelato, and Polygon, and hang with us across the week at L3 Summit, more Token2049 details to be announced soon.

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