Avail’s Roadmap to Mainnet

It’s time to lay out the exciting final steps before Avail’s mainnet release.

By Avail Team 2 min read
Avail’s Roadmap to Mainnet

Update: 6/28 - Updated rocket graphic to 75%. Added partnership announcements with top L2s, and with Optimism.

The countdown to mainnet is on! Thousands of chains have been deployed on the Avail testnet with more than 100 million transactions processed. We’re getting extremely close to launching mainnet and embarking on our mission to unify web3.

Avail is in the final stages on the way to Mainnet and getting ready to go live.

Wen mainnet?

Before mainnet, there’s just a few more things that need to be done…

  1. Light Client Challenge

Light clients, powered by Data Availability Sampling are the most unique part of Avail. These light clients directly contribute to the security of the Avail network, and ensure every piece of data you interact with is guaranteed available.

The light client challenge gives the Avail community a chance to participate in the network directly, and helps us test a core piece of Avail’s infrastructure.

  1. Deploy Final Testnet

The last few months have been critical in strengthening the DA layer that will scale thousands of rollups and throughout that process we've been constantly monitoring and making optimizations to the Avail network. The final testnet is nearing completion and ready for deployment and monitoring. We will temporarily run the Goldberg (Clash of Nodes) testnet in parallel, but the new final Testnet will be the Testnet we operate indefinitely alongside Avail Mainnet. More information is coming soon.

  1. Tooling/Infra Optimization

We’re making tweaks to the bridging UI and extending hardware wallet support amongst other tooling and Infra enhancements to ensure deployments, and monitoring can run smoothly post release.

  1. Getting Production Ready

The core dev team is fine tuning their incident management and critical response processes so that we can respond to any emergencies.

  1. Clash of Nodes Completion

The sun will set soon on the Clash of Nodes incentivised testnet. A huge thanks must go out to all the participants who made it possible and please make sure to check your position on the leaderboard if you haven’t already. Information about rewards for participants is coming soon.

  1. Validator set Finalization

Our journey to 1k validators began while operating the Clash of Nodes Incentivized Testnet. Over 300 validators participated, proving the production-readiness and scale of Avail’s hybrid ledger. For the Avail DA mainnet launch, we’ll gradually increase our validator count as we establish the strongest and most decentralized security layer in the modular ecosystem.

  1. Rollup Stack Integrations

Most every rollup stack will be available when Avail launches on mainnet. To support this goal, Avail has on-going integrations happening with rollup stacks so that developers can build on whichever stack they like.

Check out our integrations with the top L2s, and our most recent partnership announcement with Optimism to learn more.

Contact us at info@availproject.org if you’d like to make sure your stack is included.

  1. Launch Partners

We have a lot of exciting launch partners and are working towards on-boarding more every day before the final release of mainnet!

Once all of this is complete, we’ll be releasing Avail DA on mainnet. 

Of course, there are also some exciting steps we’ll be taking along the way to incentivize and reward our community for their participation. Stay tuned.

We’ll be keeping the community up to date as we progress through these steps on X.