Compete and Conquer at ETHGlobal's Virtual Hackathon!

Join us as teams compete their way to victory at EthGlobal’s online hackathon. It’s your chance to build on Avail and WIN!

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Compete and Conquer at ETHGlobal's Virtual Hackathon!

ETHGlobal’s Circuit Breaker hackathon is your chance to launch a project on Avail as we quickly approach mainnet. There are loads of prizes up for grabs and Avail competitors will be competing for a little extra something too! Join ETHGlobal’s first hackathon focusing on zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. You will get to work with cutting edge ZK tech and connect with likeminded hackers from all across the globe. We’re inviting developers who want to create, or contribute to projects on Avail during the hackathon to register before February 1st for your chance to win.

Join Avail at ETHGlobal

There’s prizes, workshops, networking opportunities, chances to learn from great mentors, and of course the opportunity to build and launch something in just a few weeks! Entries are open to hackers from all around the world, and the hackathon will run from February 2-21, 2024

ETHGlobal makes it super simple for you to connect with others and start building using cutting edge tech from across the Ethereum ecosystem. You can join idea brainstorming and team formation sessions, along with workshops, and keynote speakers to get things kicked off. Teams will have opportunities to get feedback from mentors and have access to Avail’s development team throughout the hackathon. Projects are then submitted for judging before the deadline for a chance to win some great prizes. To learn more, check out the event details page where you can find FAQs, Prize details, Participant info and more.

Be sure to register before February 1st for your chance to connect with some of the incredible minds driving ZK tech and decentralization in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Win Prizes When You Build on Avail

There are two prize pools for teams who leverage Avail’s scalable base layer for modular blockchains. Integrating Avail into your blockchain project is simple, and our integration partners have made it even easier. Avail leverages ZK tech to make data available for app-chains and rollups.

Build with Avail - $3,000 is up for grabs for teams who build with Avail. You can deploy a rollup or app-chain on Avail leveraging one of our integration partners like Dymension or Karnot. Those looking to experiment with Sovereign Rollups can try out Avail with the Sovereign SDK. There are so many ways to enter the Build with Avail category, for more details check out the prizes page.

Best use case with Avail Light Client embedded - $2,000 is up for grabs for teams who leverage the revolutionary Avail light client. Users don’t need to trust the Avail network that data is available, by leveraging light clients and their zk-based validity proofs, users can verify it for themselves locally from a device as light as a phone or smart watch.

So join us and get unprecedented access to ZK based rollup scaling technology as we quickly approach mainnet.

Get Rewarded for Building on Avail with Clash of Nodes

Those who participate in Avail’s challenges at ETHGlobal can also participate in our Clash of Nodes incentivised testnet!

Clash of nodes is our chance to stress test the network in the lead up to mainnet. By taking part in the Circuit Breaker hackathon and using Avail you can add points to your Clash of Nodes score, and hackathon winners will also get a points boost!

You can deploy a rollup or app-chain on Avail leveraging one of our integration partners like Dymension or Karnot to earn points. Go to the clash of nodes website and view the ‘latest challenges’ section for more details.

Circuit Breaker hackathon winners will also receive the following points boost, but please note this is applicable for the ‘Build with Avail’ or ‘Best use case with Avail Light Client embedded’ prize winners only.

  • Build with Avail - 150 points split evenly between all qualifying projects.
  • Best use case with Avail Light Client embedded - Up to 2 teams will receive 100 points split evenly.

Building towards a Scalable Ethereum

With the explosion of Rollups on Ethereum, Data Availability (DA) is the next major scaling bottleneck. By leveraging Avail’s purpose-built and highly optimized data availability solution, more teams and users can leverage Ethereum. Rollups and app-chains can simply plug into the Avail network to leverage high-throughput DA and inherit Avail’s network resilience and security. Avail is led by Polygon co-founder Anurag Arjun and former Polygon research lead Prabal Banerjee.

About Avail

Avail is a robust base layer designed to meet the needs of next-generation trust-minimized applications and sovereign rollups. Avail's strengths lie in its innovative security approach, which allows light clients to easily verify data availability through sampling over a peer-to-peer network. Avail’s modular approach simplifies blockchain integration for developers, as they no longer need to worry about validator sets or tokenomics. With Avail's unparalleled data availability interface and powerful security capabilities, developers can create zero-knowledge or fraud-proof-based blockchain applications with greater efficiency and ease.

The Avail testnet is already live. Join the Avail community today and experience the benefits of building with a modular blockchain solution.   

Learn more about Avail on Discord, Twitter, GitHub, Telegram, Our Blog

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