Sovereign Labs Alpha Release Marks the First Step to Enable Sovereign Rollups on Avail

Avail's collaborated with Sovereign Labs for their Alpha release, to promote our shared dedication to the modular blockchain space's growth. It highlights our specially-developed adapter that aids developers in leveraging Sovereign Labs's SDK for easier chain deployment on Avail.

By Avail Team 2 min read
Sovereign Labs Alpha Release Marks the First Step to Enable Sovereign Rollups on Avail

At Avail, we are committed to supporting the growth of the modular ecosystem and the community. We firmly believe that the future of blockchain depends on the modularization of blockchain architecture and low-friction sovereign application chain development. That's why we are thrilled to collaborate with Sovereign Labs on their Alpha release.

Today, Sovereign Labs announced the alpha release of its Sovereign SDK , a versatile tool that allows developers to launch their applications seamlessly as zk-rollups. Developers can easily modify and effortlessly launch their customized chain on top of a base layer like Avail.

Avail has developed an adapter to make it effortless for developers to leverage Sovereign Labs's SDK and launch their own application chain. This adapter works out of the box with minimal configuration, streamlines the process, and ensures accessibility for all developers, regardless of their level of expertise.

In simpler terms, Sovereign Labs's solution allows you to construct a sovereign rollup directly on Avail, which brings forth several decisive advantages:

  1. It enables launching rollup chains that can be easily modified without needing to upgrade smart contracts. That allows developers to iterate with ease, adapting to changing requirements and optimizing its functionality.
  2. The solution ensures efficient transaction verification through Avail's light clients. Unlike traditional methods that rely on a smart contract this approach enables effective verification without requiring extensive data retrieval, resulting in faster and more streamlined processes.
  3. It enables social consensus even for light clients, and resilience against dishonest majorities at the execution layer. The beauty of this solution lies in its compatibility with Avail's light clients, which utilizes Data Availability Sampling, KZG commitments, and erasure coding to provide a unique and powerful solution for sovereign rollups. The combination eliminates additional complexity and simplifies the overall architecture, enhancing the user experience and making it easier for developers to integrate and utilize the sovereign rollup solution.

The release by Sovereign Labs also includes the RISC Zer0 zkVM integration, allowing users to write programs in Rust and have them verified by the RISC Zero prover. Once RISC Zer0 adds recursion to their product as part of their roadmap, users will be able to verify the latest state via a proof verifier embedded directly on the Avail app light client. This allows execution correctness and data availability guarantee to be verified directly on light clients.

We invite you to check out the announcement by Sovereign Labs today and explore and experiment with the possibilities of modular blockchain and sovereign rollups on Avail. Together, we can shape the future of blockchain technology and drive innovation.