Road to Mainnet: February 2024

Welcome to February's edition of the Avail team's monthly series providing updates on all things Avail. Read on to find technical highlights from this past month and upcoming milestones and events.

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Road to Mainnet: February 2024


As we gear up to Mainnet, we’ll be focusing on the progress and projects along the way from the Avail team. February saw us announce Avail Trinity - a three phase roadmap to unify ecosystems across the entirety of web3, a $27M seed round, and over 100M transactions on the Avail DA Goldberg Testnet, so let’s get to it!


Technical Update

  • We have been focused on making final tests and adjustments to all the core software, updating to the latest Polkadot SDK version and additional, mostly smaller changes. This is currently being tested. 
  • We are in the process of setting up multiple testing networks to test the final changes of all the components, as well as testing the deployments and infrastructure itself. 
  • The light client has undergone multiple changes. Stability improvements, RPC retry mechanisms were introduced, and multiple other changes. We are currently testing a new major version release candidate, 1.8.0.
  • Shoutout to Subscan, we have a new explorer, check it out here.

Blog Posts

The Avail Vision: Accelerating the Unification of Web3
Avail Raises $27m to Accelerate the Unification of Web3
6 Ways Avail Scales Web3: Foundations for Mass-Adoption


0xResearch: Avail: Unifying and Scaling Modular Execution Layers 
TEACHMEDEFI: Understanding the Hype around Data Availability 

Clash of Nodes Update

After over 2.5k app chain and RollApp deployments on Clash of Nodes, we wrapped up our partner challenges with Dymension and Karnot this month. 

We’re immensely grateful to all of the developers and teams who participated and contributed to the success of these challenges. Supporting thousands of deployments on Avail has been vital in testing Avail’s mainnet readiness.

And while the partner challenges chapter may be closing, the journey is far from over. To prepare for the Light Client Challenge, make sure you have an Avail address that has already received funds from the Avail faucet.


Thank you everyone who started ETH Denver off strong with our Hot Takes Series: The Execution Race, which took place last week. We brought together different teams building and working with various blockchain execution environments to exchange hot takes and showcase what they're building. We’ll be sharing the full playlist soon, subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know when it drops! 

Kevin Galler (Monad), Dino (Fluent), Sydney Huang (Eclipse), and Steven Landers (Sei) participated in The Execution Race Panel, moderated by Jim Parillo (Figment Capital).
Guests check into Hot Takes. 
Guests enjoy the networking and views over Denver. 
Neil and Dan present the Avail Vision with Anurag and Prabal.

We were also across the main stage and side events over the week, including: Cheap, Safe, Nimble: DA and the Dream of Modularity Panel at ETH Denver, SevenX Ventures Research Day, Gelato BoothConf, Modular Day, FilDev Summit, StarkCity Denver, Restaking Summit, Open Information House, Beyond The Base Layer, TRGC, DeFi + Parallelized (E)VM Meetup, and L3 Summit.

Kyle Rojas, Head of Global Business speaking on The Future of Web3 Infrastructure at Encode Club's MultiversX Club. 
Dan Mills, Head of Product speaking on Modular Security at Modular Day. 
QEDK,Sr. R&D Engineer, speaking on the Avail Trinity at Open Information House.

Our Favorite Tweets

Next Month

Catch us across the pond next week at ETHGlobal London, where founders Anurag and Prabal will be speaking at ETHGlobal London, Pragma London, H.E.R Con, Oxford Blockchain Conference. Anurag and Prabal will also be judging during the ETHGlobal London hackathon, where you could win up to $250,000+ USD in prizes. Check out Avail’s prize details here

Stay tuned for Anurag’s feature in The Rollup’s Modular March, a month-long interactive education on the modular ecosystem. 

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