5 Hot Takes from RaaS Providers

As part of Avail’s Hot Take Series at Devconnect, we sat down with leaders from across the RaaS ecosystem to learn more about this emerging market.

By Scott Milat 3 min read
5 Hot Takes from RaaS Providers

Rollup-as-a-Service providers are making it easier than ever to spin up a new blockchain. Whether it’s an app-specific or general purpose blockchain, RaaS providers make it simple.

Grace Deng from SevenX Ventures sat down with leaders from across the RaaS ecosystem at Devconnect in Istanbul recently to get some hot takes and learn more about this emerging market.

The RaaS panel consisted of:

Take a look at the hot takes below and get some insight into finding the right RaaS provider in the full interview.

Why did you choose to support ZK or Optimistic Rollups?

Alvaro Fernández, Business Director at Lumoz

Lumoz are focusing on ZK Rollups because of the unique benefits ZK tech offers their users. Alvaro explains how ZK tech enables compression which provides massive cost savings when relaying essential data down to the base layer. The benefits of ZK also extend to settlement times, “we're talking about in the order of minutes” when compared with optimistic, fraud-proof based models.

“The users looking to benefit from such an architecture can also take that benefit home with themselves.”

Have you ever thought about Optimism or Arbitrum launching a RAS service themselves?  

​Rushi Manche, Founder at Movement Labs

“You can think of websites, right? Wix has a huge market share because you can go on the website and  launch your own custom website in under 60 seconds.” 

Rushi explains how RaaS providers can enable you to build a rollup with custom components, like an alternative VM or prover and do so in under 5 minutes. “That's probably a lot better than going through the Optimism docs and figuring out the 8 hour long process.”

Will pricing for RaaS providers be a race to the bottom?

Amrit Kumar, COO at Altlayer

Amrit explains how RaaS pricing is made up of two main components, the base cost of running the infra and the second is the time it takes to get the integrations.

“If you had your own team and you wanted to go and do the BD work to get that done, it's going to take ages.”

How do you select which service partners you integrate with? 

​Hilmar Orth, Co-Founder at Gelato

“We want to make sure that our customers get the best, and we help them select the best out there.”

Hilmar believes that while there’s still a lot of service providers to choose from, ultimately it will boil down to just a handful. 

What’s the most common obstacle developers face when launching a rollup?

Parker Jou, Co-Founder & CTO at Caldera

“How are you gonna make your rollup stand out?” 

With a number of new Rollups being deployed it’s becoming harder to do something new. In addition, getting liquidity under your chain is another important factor for Rollup developers to consider.

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